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Why Outsource?

Running a business involves multiple tasks including a lot of time-consuming administrative activities which does not generate revenue, yet you are forced to spend time behind those tasks.


By providing you comprehensive outsourcing services in Payroll management, you can say good-bye to the extra time spent administering your payroll. Outsourcing helps you in spending more of your valuable time in your core business development activities that generate cash flow to the organization while we manage your back-office operations.


Cost Savings
  • Eliminates the cost of initial hardware and software investment and its subsequent maintenance

  • Reduces spending on technology upgrades due to obsolete functionalities and changes in statutory regulations

  • Reduce operating costs as fewer employees needed to perform these administrative tasks, thus maintaining a lower headcount

Other indirect time/cost savings
  • Reduces errors from manual handling of data

  • Reduces risks involved in security and confidentiality issues

  • Opportunity cost from redeploying HR resources and investments to other areas

  • Reduce the risk of fluctuating employee turnover and the need for recruitment and retaining, thus ensuring a stable operational environment

Changes in company focus
  • Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and refocus on strategic planning initiatives

  • Reduces financial risks involved in non-compliance of legislative, corporate and technology changes

  • Growing need for companies to leverage on established HR service providers for information and expertise that are not available internally

  • Strategic partnership with HR service providers enable more flexibility and tailor made solutions for ever changing operational needs

  • Increase employees satisfaction as a result of more timely and accurate response to their HR issues and queries

Benefits for management and staff
  • For Management
          Realtime management reports
          Attain cost savings by reducing capital investments

          Strengthen internal control and planning
          Reduce turnover, rehiring and training

  • For HR Department
         Reduce tedious and time consuming administrative work
         More time to focus on productive and strategic HR work

  • For Line Managers
         Convenient and flexible reporting options
         Updated staff information for management decision making

  • For the Employees
          Fast accurate access to information

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